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One of the biggest buzzwords at the moment is of course the metaverse, which I about earlier and whicForbes is ‘the next big things for events and conferences’. I have experimented extensively with this myself recently. From organizing an event to hosting one in the metaverse. The Turkey Phone Number possibilities are endless. You don’t have hard conference room walls, so you can design a virtual event space yourself. ‘The Sims’ for events. Will you make the area a big Frank Turkey Phone Number watching green area with roaming virtual panthers? Or do you have the editors virtually sing a welcome song when you check in? You can really let loose as a creative person.

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But therein lies the challenge. The technology is still very new and therefore it will take a lot of time to fully work out and develop something like this. In addition, I also see a lot of Turkey Phone Number users playing around with simply participating through VR glasses. But the possibilities are endless and will add a lot of value to events. The events that have already taken place in the metaverse show this very clearly. For now I can especially recommend enthusiasts to first explore how everything looks and works, for example during the weekly Dutch  . A middle way is working with a Turkey Phone Number Cardboard app, as we have done a few times at TEDx.

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After we were not allowed to experience physical events for a while, I Turkey Phone Number now see many organizers fully committed to this again. Still, I normally see the hybrid developing quickly and adding a lot of value. At every event I organize, speakers and visitors test positive for corona. Turkey Phone Number Then I’m glad everything is hybrid accessible. As is the case with many technological developments: gradually, then suddenly . I am therefore very much looking forward to all the cool developments around hybrid events that are yet to come.

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