A WordPress Staging Environment That Users Love to Use!

Creating a WordPress staging website is a great idea for testing changes without affecting the live website.

If you’re an agency or an individual developer, a WordPress development environment is a great way to speed up the development workflow and deliver mockups to your clients before deadlines. Once everything is in place and the clients approve the designs, you can push everything to bring a website to life with the click of a button.

Now that you’re convinced you to want to build your site on a staging environment, let’s see how you can deploy one.

There are several ways to create a WordPress staging site. For example, you can opt for a WordPress staging plugin like WP Staging, BlogVault, or look for managed WordPress hosting with staging to build an entire site before going live.

WordPress Hosting With Staging

On Cloudways, launching a WordPress-based server takes just a few clicks. I assume you already have an account with Cloudways. Otherwise, create one from here.

Once the account is verified, log into the Cloudways platform and click Launch.

To throw

You will be asked about the server and the application you want to launch.

In this example, I choose WordPress Australia WhatsApp Number List as the application and DigitalOcean as the WordPress hosting with an intermediate server. If you want, you can choose one of five cloud hosting providers to run the WordPress transfer server.

Go to the WordPress staging site


Once the WordPress staging website is launched, visit the WordPress website by going to the Applications tab and selecting the WordPress application.

Let me define the labels:

Gets the list of all applications hosted by this account.
This is the WordPress test site. You can see the necessary details.
The default URL button to access the WordPress staging website.
Expandable menu with more options for the website.
You can run multiple WordPress staging sites on a single server.
When the WordPress test website loads, you will see a screen similar to the following:


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