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Start with a 3-0 lead The actual success of a cold outreach Greece Phone Number campaign depends on acting proactively. Make sure you know more than just the name of your prospects. Immerse yourself in the company. Follow the Greece Phone Number company on LinkedIn. Familiarize yourself with the market in which they operate. Knows what the contact person is responsible for and what he/she deals with on a daily basis. In this way the contact is much smoother and you are immediately 3-0 ahead.Greece Phone Number  Somehow cold outreach is just a numbers game. With perfectly suitable leads, you can take extra time to thoroughly immerse yourself in both the person and the company. In general, it’s about making meters.

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So you don’t want to waste time unnecessarily. A good guideline is: examine each lead superficially and conduct an extensive preliminary investigation Greece Phone Number of some potential top leads. Blueprint pitch Many people get the jitters at the word ‘pitch’. Nevertheless, it is good to have a short and clear script Greece Phone Number on hand during a conversation. Time is scarce; for your potential prospect, but also for you. A successful blueprint pitch clarifies how your product or service Greece Phone Number can provide a direct solution to a lead’s problem. Start the dialogue and keep it as accessible as possible.

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Consider, for example, that you meet someone in a cafe and want to Greece Phone Number start a conversation about topics within the field. It can also help to convince your interlocutor with social proof. Tell us about other successful Greece Phone Number customer cases. For example, if you helped a similar company and it resulted in an x% increase in leads; please share that! tooling To be able to approach qualitative leads with a mailing or by telephone, you first need contact details. How did you Greece Phone Number get that? Of course, there are various tools available for growth hackers. Think of scraping website data via the automation tool Texau .

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