A Comparison Between Multilingual Plugins for WordPress

WordPress currently powers almost a third of the entire internet, thanks to its incredible ease of use and outstanding community. Which is getting stronger every year. Even though WordPress aims to power the other two-thirds of the internet. As 25% of Internet users are English-speaking, multilingualism is definitely a serious lever for WordPress. On the other hand, from an end-user perspective, there are 3 key benefits of having a multilingual WordPress website: Increase your number of potential customers and your audience: creating your website in several languages ​​allows you to address a wider market and audience. Improve your conversion indicators: offering products or media in the language of your visitors will help you better convert them into regular customers and/or readers.

How Can You Build Your Multilingual WordPress Website

How can you build your multilingual WordPress website? There are several existing plugins grouped into 2 large families: Non-JavaScript-based plugins: enabling SEO capabilities and ensuring clean architecture and code. In the first place JavaScript-based plugins: only dynamically modify content, which prevents Google from seeing it, not best practices. In this review, I will focus on 2 plugins from the non-JavaScript family: the new entrant Weglot and the oldest and most used solution to date WPML. Let’s see how they work and what their Belize WhatsApp Number List main features are. Weglot: translation as a service. At the same time Let’s take an in-depth look at Weglot, a service launched in early 2016 and already powering over 10,000 websites. Weglot: translation as a service Installation Like any other WordPress plugin.

Like any other WordPress plugin

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Comparatively Original Language: Indicates the original language of your website. Destination languages: select the languages ​​you want to translate your website into. Then, go to your website, a button allows you to change the language and display the translations. This first layer of translations is automated, provided by the best players on the market (including Microsoft). Which you can edit yourself or replace with professional translations. Button design and placement are 100% customizable, either through an out-of-the-box option in the plugin or through custom CSS.

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