8 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Hackers Away

Is WordPress dangerous? Experts believe that not only is the WordPress core well-built and secure. But every major update brings a lot of security features to the platform. Yet the numbers of hacked WordPress sites speak to the opposite. Running a quick Google search for “hack WordPress” show that WordPress-power websites are hack almost daily. A Look at WordPress Security Stats Last year, 170,000 WordPress sites were hack – many of them compromise in the famous “I got paid” attack. Last April, a super botnet attack using over 90,000 IP addresses stormed the platform. It has been call the biggest botnet attack ever.

A Look at WordPress Security Stats

In October, InformationWeek reported a new wave of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that took down an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) blog and the websites of Pennsylvania State University and Stevens Institute of Technology. All of these websites were using WordPress. How to protect your WordPress site from hackers? Of course, the first question that comes to mind after reading the above stats is, “Why are so many WordPress sites under attack there?” or more importantly “What should I do to prevent my site from being compromise?” » Don’t worry, this blog post will walk you through ways to boost your Israel WhatsApp Number List WordPress security and what we at Cloudways recommend as WordPress security best practices to our customers.

The 3 main steps to strengthen the security of WordPress

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The 3 main steps to strengthen the security of WordPress 1. Update, update, update: Always use the updated version; be it WordPress software, theme or plugins. New versions of WordPress come with security patches and this automatically fixes many security issues. For example, the latest version of WordPress 3.7 has the ability to measure the effectiveness of your admin panel and it warns you if your password is weak. [Read: How does WordPress auto-update feature work? ] 2. Choose a secure hosting platform: Your WordPress site contains all your efforts. For some, this could be the revenue driver. If a business site is hacked, not only does it cause the loss of valuable data, but it also does irreplaceable damage to the reputation of the business. Yet, many companies fail to give due consideration to the number one reason for hacking: WordPress hosting.

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