7 Tools to Test Web Speed and How This Factor Impacts Your Online Presence

Anyone who has spent a little time researching and learning about search engine positioning, that is, SEO performance, recognizes that web speed is one of the most important and determining factors for a site to attract traffic and, of course, generate opportunities. visibility and business. Jesus Cardenas Sep 17, 20 | 9 min read website speed analysis Within web speed there are 3 crucial aspects that any site development team must consider and that we will delve into in this article.


In the First Place There is 7 Tools to Test

The server through which visitors connect or the hosting that, according to its quality, will be able to provide a better user experience Iceland Phone Number and favor positioning in the SERPs. Then, we find the network, both the one used by Internet users to connect, over which we have no control, and the one that comes from our hosting service , which we do manage, of course. Finally there is the programming of the site, that is, the content.


If We Use WordPress Elements

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Such as templates, design, among others, are the most important to take into account. Now, first of all we must ask them if we are aware of the web speed that our page has. After answering this question, we will be in a territory where we will know if we need to optimize the site. But how to do it? Easy, using some of the tools that we will present to you below! 7 tools to test web speed So, with everything said in the introduction to this article.

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