7 Key Metrics to Make Your WordPress Site a Success

How do you really identify which WordPress site is a successful launch and which is not? It’s simple. You have many tools to analyze it on the Internet. These tools are commonly called Analytics and they have one purpose. But why should I do this? I’m sure he pays me pretty well with all the Adsense and affiliates I already have on my website! Well, it’s true! But there is something you lack compared to your competitors in the market. You don’t opt ​​for success. How? ‘Or’ What? Because you’re not tracking your WordPress site’s network traffic. So when I say track, I mean real-time tracking!

Ensure Success With Key Analytics Metrics

This can include real-time monitoring of the type of network traffic coming to your website, bounce rates, conversion rates, identification (age, gender, location), how long an individual stays , which pages get the most views, which pages get the most shares and much more. Moreover, with tracking, you can know well whether your website is a security risk or not, you can differentiate spammers from users in real time, you can identify Kuwait WhatsApp Number List which pages are getting the most views. You can track your website’s network traffic using the Google Analytics tool. According to why is it necessary?

Invest in all three traffic sources

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This is because tracking website visitors can help you weed out mass spammers. When we talk about network traffic, it can be categorized into three different categories: organic, direct, and referral traffic. Organic traffic is the type of traffic that comes to your website through a search engine post or page. Whereas direct traffic is the traffic that comes to your website when a visitor directly enters your website domain in their address bar. Besides these two types of traffic coming to your website, there is another source of traffic, called referral traffic. Such traffic visits your website when someone clicks on a link posted on another website, for example, a guest post you created.

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