7 Google’s Penalties For Destroying Traffic And How To Avoid

Google is serious about its ranking algorithm constantly updating it to provide the best search experience for users. It also penalizes pages or websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. You can get google penalized by practicing black hat seo unintentionally by maintaining. Improper website maintenance or simply by updating an algorithm. In any case google penalties have a negative impact on your search rankings and in some cases. Your entire page or website may be removed from the results so in this article well look at what not to do and. What to do to avoid google penalties and protect your website from traffic loss. Consider Algorithmic vs manual Google penalties and what to expect How to check and correct Google penalties manually. Seven Common Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them. Eventually you will be ready to keep your rankings and continue to increase traffic to your website.

Google Penalties Occur When

It finds that a site violates its Webmaster guidelines. There are two types of penalties but the effect is the same on number reductions and traffic jams. Every year Google makes changes to its algorithm to maintain the best results for its searchers. Some of the popular Google updates are Panda Penguin Pigeon and Hummingbird. Some algorithm Brazil Phone Number updates are designed to lower the number of pages that violate. The guidelines, such as panda keyword filling grammatical errors and low quality. Content and penguin a black hat linking strategy while others are designed to be enjoyed. Page with the new priority number such as Pigeon strong local signal and Hummingbird mobile response.

Speaking Of Which Do You Know


The page experience and the first mobile index update. After an algorithm update, a site may notice a decrease in ranking either because. It violated the instructions or because other sites were more compliant for certain factors.  Here is an example of web traffic data after the BERT update. The best thing you can do is see if your reduction in traffic is in line with the algorithm. Update release, and learn as much as you can about it so you can figure out what. Adjustments you need to move forward, or what adjustments you need. Put it in existing content. Depending on the updates and the size of the inconsistencies on your website. Your upgrade may lead to a restoration of rankings and traffic.

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