7 Best Two-factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress

From the very beginning of personal  computing, passwords have been the basic security requirements for almost. Everything from personal emails to corporate bank accounts. However, today cybercriminals have a versatile arsenal of tools capable of launching brute force attacks and defeating the majority of passwords. This is why passwords are complemented with additional security features that strengthen the user login process. An important feature on this list is WordPress two-factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication? Unlike passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step process that requires two or three proofs of identity before granting access. Two-factor authentication implementations use something you know (the password) and something you have/own (like a smartphone, email account, or hardware key, etc.) Security fatigue. Feeling overwhelmed? Try Cloudways in the first place to harden your WordPress site security.

Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Improve now! WordPress offers two-factor authentication through plugins. These plugins require additional identification factors, including A one-time password (OTP) sent by SMS/email A phone call A QR code Authenticators A push-notification Hardware-based key generators such as YubiKey, SolidPass, etc. Here are the best WordPress plugins that implement and manage 2FA on your website. Protect WordPress Security Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) unlike Duo two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication Rublon two-factor authentication Wordfence Security iThemes Security Pro 1. Protect WordPress Germany WhatsApp Number List Security Shield WordPress Security (formerly Simple Firewall) offers two ways coupled with to authenticate two-factor login, email and YubiKey. Its email authentication offers two methods (IP address and cookies) that allow users to choose their preferred method.

From the very beginning of personal computing

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Protect WordPress Security For example. IP-base verification chosen if the IP address does not change frequently and you want to create multiple WordPress login sessions from a single network location or with multiple browsers on the same computer. The advantages however of this plugin are two-factor authentication by OTP sent by email and YubiKey, IP address and cookies. However, this plugin does not support authentication via Google Authenticator, SMS, phone call, push notification or QR code. 2. Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the most advanced WordPress two-factor authentication plugin.

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