6 Ways To Build An Engaged Relevant Twitter Follower Wikihow

Constantly test and refine your strategy. When you use Twitter in your day-to-day work, you’ll find that some things work well and some things fail. You’ll also find that as your account grows in size and credibility, the methods that work will change; the way people interact and follow personal Twitter accounts is very different from the way they interact with brand corporate accounts. Twitter and the tools available to users are also evolving, so what works today won’t necessarily work a year from now. So keep testing and refining your strategy – don’t be afraid to change your approach based on the results you see. That last point is key. You need to monitor the results.

Find Ways to Segment Your Twitter Stream So You Can Focus on

Use tools to help you track the effectiveness of your tweets and the conversions you’re getting through your Twitter sales funnel. How many candidates who visit your profile choose to follow you (optimize for this)? How many new candidates do you attract to your profile each month (increase this number)? Which method of getting people to El Salvador Phone Number List take the next step did you want them to take proved to be the most effective (A/B split testing)? Find ways to segment your Twitter stream so you can focus on your engagement efforts. For some readers, this means creating lists on your Twitter account so you can direct your attention to different parts of Twitter based on your current priorities.

Fill Your Twitter Stream With Relevant Content on Twitter

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For others, that means creating a Twitter stream to monitor specific search strings relevant to you. The key is figuring out how you’re going to focus your attention on that small part of your entire Twitter stream that’s most valuable to you and your end goal. Fill your Twitter stream with relevant content. If you’re not active on Twitter at any given time, people won’t stumble across you in their Twitter streams and won’t have the chance to interact with you. So it’s crucial to have a plan to ensure your Twitter stream always contains relevant and engaging content. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite make it easy to schedule content delivery and still be very user-friendly.

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