5 Simple But Effective Ways To Drive Better Social Media

This is the kind of response we get time and time again from people who sign up for our social media training sessions. We asked them what they hoped to achieve by joining our training – the above variants are undoubtedly the most common responses! So in light of this recurring concern, we thought we should share five things you should focus on if you want better results from your social media marketing. Implement these five ideas, which we hope will make a big difference. I cannot stress enough that there is a world of difference between being present on a social media site and actually grasping the results from that site.

Focus on Driving Engagement This Is a Bit General but Also

What types of posts appear most often in the feed? Who are they showing to? What causes the site to prioritize showing certain posts to China Phone Number List more people than others? Who are in your field on that particular social platform? These are key questions we have to address — and they demonstrate why most small businesses get better results by trying to be experts on one or two platforms rather than trying to be absolutely everywhere. Figuring this out for each social media platform isn’t easy – then adjust your activity on each platform to leverage that knowledge and get meaningful results. If a simple plain text post will be several times better than a content share in terms of the number of people it reaches.

Always Looking for Opportunities to Relevant Conversations

If a post generates good engagement soon after it’s published, it may stay in the feed for a few days…your social media reach will grow even further. All of this is a far cry from the simple act of “schedule some posts” social media marketing. So make sure you take the time to understand how the platform works and adjust your focus accordingly. This is a bit general but also applies. All social media sites have to deal with the conundrum of what to show in your feed. Every website has to decide what content to show you first.

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