5 Reasons Why You’re Not Attracting Candidates On Social Media

5 reasons why you’re not attracting candidates on social media if you’re like most recruiters we’ve encountered. Your most recent task has been to expand your team’s candidate attraction. Strategy for a more challenging hiring environment. It’s likely that you’ve also been stretched to figure out how to consistently and quickly capture the interest of candidates on social media. Attract candidates on social media. If you’re struggling with this challenge, you’re by no means alone. In fact, it’s one of the most common questions we hear during one-on-one consultations with recruiters. So what can you do to turn things around? How many people can honestly say they are doing it so effectively that.

Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns on Social Media Recruiters

They are way ahead of the competition (because you have to do it if you want to Ghana Phone Number List attract the best talent, right? Run targeted advertising campaigns on social media. Most recruiters who get disappointing results from social media focus on posting jobs on their social media accounts. This barely scratches the surface when it comes to reaching your audience. You also risk alienating your network if you start doing this regularly. Do people actually connect with you on LinkedIn or follow. You on Twitter and get nothing but a flurry of job posts from you on their feed? Unlikely – and they’re likely to endure only so long.

Not Targeting Your Recruiting Campaign on the Right Device

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So, the first step to successfully attracting candidates on social media is to research all the social networking sites your target candidates use — and then work on understanding the advertising solutions those sites offer. Everyone is different – everyone has their own things to focus on perfecting for maximum results. However, when done right, your job ads and recruiting campaigns can be placed ahead of a sizeable percentage of the overall candidate market that you want your employer brand and job message to convey. We’re talking about a completely different reach here than simply advertising a job board or just posting a job on LinkedIn. Your target candidate market isn’t fully saturated, but it’s years before you used to just use job boards.

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