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As well as putting effort into building a flawless profile with all the elements you need to attract the best opportunities. Social networks are ideal platforms to connect with the audience. gain followers. carry out branding work and also generate traffic that will directly impact SEO. Therefore. the social media strategy requires the utmost care. SHARE: One of its most important aspects is the frequency of publication. How much and when to publish will be the goal to define perfectly for any content marketer. Does the content have sufficient attractiveness and quality?

In this way. several factors influence so that some news and status updates are more visible than others and reach a larger audience. Among these are: -The quality of the content and its extension. -The originality and usefulness it has for the user. -The touch of “news” that Norway whatsapp number list it may have. For example. those recent events with eye-catching headlines for different audience segments. -The total authenticity of the note. Therefore. the first posting frequency requirement will be to meet all or most of these characteristics.

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Let’s say you plan to post 15 pieces of content on Facebook. However. of all of them. only 6 offer really new and up-to-date information for their clients. Therefore. you have to eliminate the remaining nine and schedule the publication of those 6 notes. from Monday to Saturday. taking care of the titles and all the SEO elements necessary to generate interest. In this way. distributing boring and repetitive content will be avoided and its quality will be given greater importance.

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Publication frequency for your RRSS In which social network will the content be published? The different social media present a specific behavior according to their characteristics. Studies carried out. such as that of Coschedule . indicate quantities such as the following: -Facebook. A daily post will suffice. More than two or three can be considered excessive. -Twitter. A single tweet is not enough. At the opposite extreme. 50 tweets is excessive.

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while 15 of them is the recommended number to generate the most links and interest. -Pinterest. The ideal number of pins is 11 per day. -Instagram. At a minimum it should be posted 1-2 times a day. -LinkedIn. At least once a day. However. this data is likely to change according to the objectives and audience of each company. Therefore: -Most of these networks require at least one daily update. which must be useful and of high quality. so that it is worth publishing.

Commercial logic and current trends are two factors that must be combined. For example. the release of new products or the constant news about certain events will force you to publish more content than usual. -In any case. it is necessary to avoid any kind of spam. In other words. each of them must be unique and different. avoiding linking back to information published just a couple of hours ago. for example. What is the reaction and feedback offered by the public? In many cases. it will be the public that .

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