3 essential tools for every website owner

It would be great if a website could be left alone to do its job. Once a good host is chosen and the site has been deployed. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, as hackers and the possibility of service-affecting issues are never far away; For any website of value, whether it’s making money or just a labor of love, there are certain realities that you ignore at your peril.

IonCube24 Security, Reporting & Monitoring

Read on for an overview of three essential things every website owner should be concerned about, and how a system we developed at ionCube called ionCube24 can help.

A professional website and support services should be running 24/7, but things can easily go wrong; human error, software bugs, hardware failure, and lack of resources such as disk or memory are just a few of the causes of intermittent or permanent website crashes. Cloud providers still offer impressive reliability guarantees, but even using a big brand is no guarantee against problems. These events from 2016/7 showed:

The reality is that most visitors won’t report any issues

service monitoring is therefore essential. The sooner you are aware of a problem, the sooner you can fix it, or minimize the impact if it is beyond your control and drive out those who need to fix it.

Unlike a simple ping test, ionCube24 uses protocol-based monitoring that can come from different regions of the France WhatsApp Number List world and multi-regional outage confirmation to prevent false alarms. Using protocol tests ensures that a service is doing what it should be doing and not just that the machine it is on is alive.

Errors are inevitable from time to time

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Error monitoring is therefore essential, but handling PHP errors correctly can be confusing. PHP errors should be logge to a file but a site configure not to do so. The logging hidden in the PHP code. It’s not uncommon to look at the wrong log file and think everything is fine. good.

Better to use a tool for this. ionCube24 immediately draws your attention. PHP errors and can also capture hidden errors and uncaught exceptions.

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