19 Essential WordPress Plugins for Multi-author Blogs

Most blogs start the same way. It’s just you – alone wolf – writing articles as often as you can. But as your website grows, the demand for regular content increases. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to write a new article every day. After all, you have advertising to manage, affiliates to set up, design updates to make, and bugs to fix. And that’s all before you deal with the disaster that happened this morning. So, you start hiring freelance writers or inviting other people to contribute to your blog. This is exactly what I did on the Bitcatcha blog and invited several authors to contribute. However, this posed a number of new challenges ranging from managing schedules and deadlines to ensuring quality, etc. I have used various tricks and plugins to streamline this process and wanted to share a few with you today. I’ll walk you through how to manage and coordinate a team of people, so your content doesn’t overlap.

Workflow and Coordination

I’ll also show you which plugins will help you as an editor and which will help you give credit to your new superstar writers. Workflow and coordination One of your biggest challenges as an editor are managing a team of people. For example, you don’t want two different writers blogging about the same topic on the same day. Nightmare. Editorial calendar calendar-editorial Blogs thrive on regular, scheduled content. And they work best when you stick to a schedule. You are more likely to meet deadlines and keep all your writers in order. ‘Editorial Calendar’ is the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List perfect plugin to help you manage this calendar. This gives all of your editors a clear and easy way to see which articles are scheduled for the coming week. It also lets them know when their next due date is. Even better, they can see what topics are covered so they don’t overlap. It’s also a good way for you to visualize all the content you have going out.

Swiss army knife of multi-author plugins


Smart to-do list We all live our lives with to-do lists. And this one helps everyone work together. This versatile little plugin has a ton of cool features. You can use a global task list so that all users can see one master list. You can then use a color code to assign priority to each task. Individual members will also have access to their to-do lists which they can use to build their ideas. The Cleverness plugin also has a deadline feature and a ‘progress status’, making it even easier for you to keep track of your writer’s work. Notepad Dashboard dashboard-notepad Dashboard Notepad is a super simple plugin that does exactly what it says. It allows you to leave small notes on your WordPress backend dashboard. All users can read them, but only you can modify them. You can use them as a simple way to remind your writers of an upcoming event or a popular topic to write about. Edit feed editing flow Edit Flow is a Swiss army knife of multi-author plugins. If you are looking for just one simple plugin to manage your stuff, this is the one you want.

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