Pakistan Mobile Number 12 Hidden PPC Features You Should Know About

Some PPC features are underutilized, new, or just not widely known and worth a shout-out and test.

Other hidden features are settings Pakistan Mobile Number  that are unknown because they are difficult to find and can impact account performance by simply turning a “button” on or off.

Even if you implement one or two of these hidden gems, you are sure to have something to talk about on Zoom this week.

Let’s solve some PPC mysteries by exposing 12 hidden features you need to know about in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and complementary products.

1. Call Reports and Recording

If you are using call extensions or call-only ads, perhaps you never realized there is a ready-made report that outlines details about the calls received through Google Ads.

This report outlines call time, duration, and caller’s phone number (if available). There are also several metrics you can add to the report to help inform your optimizations and strategies for phone call engagement.

Not easy to locate: Reports > Predefined reports (Dimensions) > Extensions > Call details

Did you know Google Ads now offers Pakistan Mobile Number the ability to record the calls you receive from click-to-call ads and call extensions?

You can listen to the recording as well as download it if you choose. Recordings are save for 30 days, after that the report will say “recording expire.”

You have to opt-in to call reporting and call recording in the account settings.

2. Dynamic Remarketing Lists: Remarketing for Products

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

In Microsoft Ads, advertisers can get remarketing lists for products that allow you to target searchers based on the exact product IDs they interacted with and promote the same product for which they showed purchase intent to them in an ad.

Moreover, will be serve in search and Pakistan Mobile Number the Microsoft Audience network. This is similar to Google’s dynamic remarketing feature.

This feature requires a Microsoft Merchant Center catalog feed and implementation of their Microsoft Advertising UET tag on every page of your website.

Moreover, the searcher responds to the “Text us for more information,” the advertiser-supplie message is automatically sent to the ad respondent, via text message or forwarde email.


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