10 Tips for Unbeatable WordPress Seo in 2014!

I won’t go into detail about the size of WordPress? In what language is it written? Or, how many major websites use it? I’m not writing this article to sell you WordPress. Instead, my sole purpose in writing this article is to help you understand WordPress SEO. Recent Google updates have rocked the boat a lot. Therefore, this article highlights the importance of some current and new SEO practices. These are things that I have learned over time. Reading this article, many of you would be thinking “been there, done that”. However, I ask you to continue reading. The idea behind this post is to educate the uninformed. The purpose of the post is to generate a meaningful conversation about its content. If you know something better or something completely opposite to my practices, please let us know in the comment section.

Configure Critical SEO WordPress Plugins

Of course, there are hundreds of other factors to determine the SERP of a particular piece of content. However, popular internet marketing website Moz and Adobe’s global SEO manager, Warren Lee, suggest that social signals are one of the most critical factors when it comes to SERPs. So how can you miss a social sharing plugin on your blog that motivates your readers to share your content on most social media outlets? Best advice: Too many choices kill the point! Don’t give your readers too many social buttons. Flare gives you the choice of almost all popular social buttons and I have seen blogs show all social buttons to their readers Malaysia WhatsApp Number List which is actually a mistake. What difference does a social button make when its counter shows ZERO shares?

Write Unique and in-depth Content

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It’s actually not only negative social proof, but it also discourages users from sharing. You wonder why ? Here is some information from SearchEngineJournal that actually proves how smaller choice in social buttons got them more social shares. Nothing would work if you didn’t have unique, quality content. Gone are the days when you would make a blog post maintaining keyword density and filling in the keyword META details. If you’re still doing the same thing, I’m afraid I have bad news for you. It won’t work. To wake up! Don’t be left behind, the world has changed. Write unique, high-quality content. I won’t tell you how to do this because there’s already a great ProBlogger guide you can follow.

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