10 Best Tips to Speed ​​up Woocommerce in 2021

Ask any brand or company, big or small, and you’ll find this question is a shared concern. It’s no longer a secret that slow WooCommerce stores can cost you in many ways: top-down business metrics (bounce, conversions), increased cart abandonment, and a very noticeable drop in customer loyalty, image branding, visitors and even SERPs. visibility. Nobody likes to wait in real life or online. This very important fact is why almost all eCommerce stores now prefer Web Performance Optimization (WPO). Check Your WooCommerce Store Web Essentials See if your WooCommerce store performs well on all web essentials! Check now In today’s article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to make your WooCommerce stores as fast as possible and ensure that the store remains an important part of setting up your online business.

10 tips to speed up WooCommerce

There is no stipulated optimal loading time. However, popular advice from experts is to keep it under 2 seconds. As you might guess, page load time is an important performance metric in WPO. If your WooCommerce store loads in more than two seconds, you have your work cut out. WebPageTest is probably a complete service available in the market. Beginners often shun this tool because it is difficult to approach. However, it is the preferred tool for testing the actual performance of a website. You can test your store on different New Zealand WhatsApp Number List servers with different connection speeds. In addition to conventional data, WebPageTest also tests the speed index of a website.

How to measure web performance

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The Speed ​​Index measures the time (in milliseconds) at which most of a store’s pages become visible to users. WooCommerce offers a default review check on product pages, allowing you to go back and view changes made to product pages. While this might sound like a good thing, revisions can also cause WooCommerce performance issues. For example, let’s say you create a product page and work on it five times, changing a word or two each time. Although the change is minor, you have six copies of your original product page. This can quickly escalate and slow down WooCommerce performance in the end. To limit/disable revisions, insert one of the following lines in the wp-config.php file located at the root of your website.

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